The most frequently asked question I get is in relation to clothing. What do lean towards & what to stay away with when it comes to picking a wardrobe for the shoot. You want to pick something that is comfortable and consistent with your style, but also pleasing for photographs! Color is definitely the most important, try to find 3-4 colors that work all together. Patterns do not necessarily need to be avoided. It's especially fun to have several layers & textures. Its always great to have several neutral tones such as grays, whites, blacks or beiges with pops of one or more color.

Before you come to the shoot, try on outfits, see if they look good altogether, then see what you can add to them accessory wise. Adding items with lots of character such as fun hats, knit scarves, bright shoes, vests, ties, suspenders, headbands, can do a lot for the photographs.

As far as makeup goes, be yourself. You want to look like YOU in your photographs! Needing more makeup for photos is a definite myth.

Feel free to bring two or more clothing changes to the shoot, switching it up makes it more interesting! Also, any other items such as colorful, bold, or vintage seating, vintage bikes, balloons, blankets, etc can add something different & can be a lot of fun to shoot with.

Remember though, simple is not always a bad thing, if that's what you're looking for, simplicity can be good too.

For examples of layering outfits, or good looks to mimic look at the ads online for Gap, Banana RepublicJ.Crew, Crew Cuts (kids), Anthropologie, H&M, etc